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Sports Medicine books catalog - Find Sports Medicine books at

A + Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Clinic - A+ orthopaedic and sports medicine clinic is a very specialized establishment looking after Orthopaedic problems and taking care of need of all in the field of sports and physical activity.

Allsport Medical - Provides first aid, rehabilitation, injury prevention, fitness and training products to sports professionals, leisure organisations and sports therapists.

Health Link MCW - An article discussing stress fractures (like shin splints) occurring more often in female athletes than male athletes.

HealthLink MCW - An article. Consider use when selecting athletic shoes.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome - ITBS is a common running and cycling injury around the knee.

Injury Update - Sports Injuries in Australia - Dedicated to providing as much public information as possible regarding professional sports injuries in Australia, particularly in AFL, Rugby League and Rugby Union.

Richard Stockton College Athletic Training - Athletic training and sports medicine information from Stockton College in Pomona NJ.

SportMedBC - Sport Medicine Council of British Columbia - Promotes and coordinates sport medicine and sport science programs in British Columbia.

Sports Medicine Institute - A center for orthopaedic research and clinical care, providing treatment for fractures, sprains, joint pain and other knee and shoulder injuries. A unit of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Minnesota. - Offers information on education, organizations, and topics about sports medicine. Plus a chat room, mail list, and message board to connect people interested in sports medicine.

Tennis Elbow - Easy to understand information from Medinfo for patients on tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).

Tennis Elbow - Tips, prevention and anatomy of tennis elbow.

University of Connecticut Sports Medicine - Orthopaedic physicians provide patient education on sports medicine related issues, orthopaedic operations, and nonoperative treatment for injuries.

Virtual Sports Injury Clinic - Offers a virtual diagnosis and self help advice on injuries. Includes a find a clinic, a forum and a page addressed to professionals.