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Center for Sleep Medicine - Hospital Services - Bridgeport Hospital is the most comprehensive healthcare facility in Fairfield County, Connecticut, specializing in maternity, surgery, medicine, emergency/trauma and pediatric care.

Northside Hospital Sleep Medicine Institute - Northside Hospital Sleep Medicine Institute opened in 1982 and was the first accredited sleep disorders center in Georgia. The institute utilizes the latest technology for diagnosing and treating sleep/wake disorders. A specialized team of sleep professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality of sleep medicine care available to children and adults.

Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute - The Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute is a freestanding sleep center dedicated to the advancement of health and well-being of their patients. The Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute's mission is to assure quality care for those with sleep related disorders.

Texas School of Sleep Medicine & Technology - American Academy of Sleep Medicine ASTEP provider.

The Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine - Register for classes at the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine and Technology.