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Occupational Medicine books catalog - Find Occupational Medicine books at - Site provides Occupational Safety and Health information, news, tips, directory of manufacturers and distributors, events and legislation in Asia and Australasia.

Access Medical, Inc. - A Wisconsin-based practice providing independent medical evaluation of disability.

Bensalem Family Health Center, P.C. - Located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Providing information on occupational medicine services, a newsletter and office photos.

CIC Occupational Medicine - Illinois occupational medicine practice. Brief historical perspective and a few links.

Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine - Health and safety-related articles, event listings, and industry links.

Cumulative Trauma Disorder News - A monthly newsletter of information on cumulative trauma disorders, workplace health, and ergonomics.

Dr. McKay, University of Cincinnati - Primarily a commercial site, with some useful supportive educational material. Offers courses on lung function testing, respiratory protection and fit testing workshop, plus consultancy services. - Online Journal for the European Health and Safety Industry.

Forte Medical Services - Online CV only. Independent medical evaluations and file review services. Special interest in anesthesia safety and operating/recovery room issues as well as impairment and disability evaluations.

GAGE Occupational and Environmental Health Unit - Brief, but well-structured information on occupational hygiene training.

OSHA Bulletin - News and current events regarding the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the OSHA agency.

Occ. Medicine Education and Research Services, LLC - Location information on this Virginia based physician.

Occupational Health Provider - Medigold Health Consultancy Ltd. Corporate health consultancy emphasis in offering expertise occupational health provider, occupational health advice, and cost effective sickness absence service efficiently.

Occupational Health and Safety Magazine - Providing current, comprehensive and complete news regarding Occupational Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Industrial Hygiene.

Osha Standard For Physicians - A 152-Page OSHA manual that explains all the relevant OSHA Standards from a health care perspective. It is accompanied by a documentation kit that has all the mandated plans that could be tailored to suit your clinic's needs.

PWR Consultants: Occupational health & medicine consulting - Based in Toronto, Canada.

Professional Rehabilitation and Occupational Services, Inc. - Vocational consulting and evaluation, medical case management, and other work-related services. Oklahoma based corporation that handles clients in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and California.

Rapid Response Urgent Care - Provides drug testing, treatment for work related injuries and physical examinations. Based in West Garner, North Carolina. - Provides occupational safety information through Safety Smart Magazine, newsletters, clip art posters and poster software.

SilverPlatter Health and Safety Publishing - Premium occupational health and safety databases, with text and bibliographic, and hazardous chemical inventories via the Internet, intranet, or CD-ROM. Also 'Health and Safety World' online journal.

Storage Equipment Safety Service - Safety Publications and A3 Laminated Posters for sale online.

The Crane Log - A document which allows crane operators to comply with daily and monthly inspection requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Time Well Spent Seminars Safety Site - Safety promotion material. Safety meeting material you can copy. Free weekly "Safety Stuff."

Worker's Compensation Cost Containment Reports - Information about reports for small businesses regarding worker's compensation and safety program cost containment. [Subscription based]

Workplace Safety Services - Safety articles and newsletter.

Written OSHA Safety and Health Manuals - Editable (Microsoft), affordable, and adaptable safety and health manuals. May order an electronic or hardcopy version.