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Gastroenterology books catalog - Find Gastroenterology books at

Audio-Digest Foundation: Gastroenterology - Audio tapes and CDs focused on gastroenterology topics and reviews.

Clinical Outcomes Research Initiative (CORI) - CORI is a research project whose aim is to allow researchers all over the nation to conduct outcomes-based research with a common data pool collected from multiple participatining institutions. CORI is based at Oregon Health Sciences University.

Colonoscopy Los Angeles - Located in Beverly Hills, the Colonoscopy Center Los Angeles has assembled a team of top colorectal specialists and doctors who specialize in providing colonoscopies and colon cancer screening.

Diagnosis health - gastroenterology forum - Provides information on specific gastroenterology diseases and procedures. Also provides an online discussion forum on gastroenterology and digestive health.

Digestive Health & Nutrition Magazine - Offers practical, up-to-date news, tips, and treatment information for sufferers of digestive disorders, including colon cancer, constipation, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, GERD, heartburn, hepatitis, and lactose intolerance.

ENDOTALK - provides comprehensive and detailed information regarding the field of Gastroenterology and Surgical Endoscopy.

Electrogastrography - Presents a overview of electrogastrography from methodological point of view, explains the quantitative information that can be extracted from EGG, and discusses clinical studies related to gastric electrical activity

Gastroenterology Coding Information - The Coding Institute - Provides current coding advice specific to gastroenterology with tactics to optimize endoscopic billing, in-office and inpatient visits.

Gastroenterology, Prime Medical Net, Professional Resources - A B2B web directory. Offering credible resources to medical professionals in their quest to establish and maintain quality of life for their patients.

GastroenterologyWeb - Provides information on gastroenterology, hepatology and GI endoscopy written by academic physicians for practicing physicians. Features original articles, videos, cases of interest, job openings and diagnostic challenges. - Peer reviewed, subscription site focused on all aspects of gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy.

Gastrointestinal system - CHORUS - Hypertext medical reference which describe diseases, anatomy, and radiologic findings. - Information on the dysfunction and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Gastrotherapy - Concise summaries of the recent developments in gastroenterology and related fields. The information is aimed at primary care physicians.

General Practice Notebook - Gastroenterology - Coverage of this medical speciality.

Internation Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders - IFFGD addresses issues surrounding life with gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.

Pathophysiology of the Digestive System - Hypertext system which provides information, displays images, and explains the histology of the digestive system.

Princeton Gastroenterology, Associates, P.A. - Gastroenterology practice located in Princeton, New Jersey. Gastrointestinal Health Information - This is a site edited by a gastroenterologist that includes information for patients on a variety of digestive and nutrirional issues as well as information on gastrointestinal endoscopies.

atGastroenterology - Specialized search engine focusing on gastroenterology topics.