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Aids books catalog - Find Aids books at

AIDS Research Information Center Homebase - The AIDS Research Information Center, Inc. (ARIC) is a non-profit AIDS medical information service, located inBaltimore, MD, and serving People with HIV nationwide through the Internet,the publication of AIDS medical reference works in print and electronic media,and our AIDS Medical Information Service Hotline, which provides accurateanswers to specific AIDS

Aidsmap - Provides professional HIV and AIDS treatment and services information - Huge database of AIDS treatment info and HIV services in UK Europe Africa S.America and Asia.

HIV/AIDS and other Infectious Diseases - International Information Programs - This is a U.S. Government site on AIDS, HIV, Infectious Diseases, policy, conventions and forums. It contains texts, and links. This site is maintained by the United States Department of State, Washington, D.C.

The Body: The Most Comprehensive AIDS and HIV Information Resource on the Internet - The Body covers every aspect of HIV and AIDS from the medical to the social, and hosts over 40 top AIDS groups. Free interactive Q&A with experts and the Loel Poor Photo Exhibit.